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Miller Law Group Berks County Law Offices in West Lawn, PA

Miller Law Group’s Berks County Law Offices are in West Lawn near Reading and Wyomissing, PA.

Our Attorneys have over 40 years’ experience serving clients like you in Berks County around Reading and Wyomissing, PA. Therefore, we fully understand you don’t contact us to tell us about what a great day you’re having. You need a lawyer when

  • your life takes an unexpected and emotionally stressful turn; or
  • you want to protect yourself, your family, and your business and other assets from what could happen.

These are serious legal matters. You already know making legal mistakes can negatively impact your well-being for a long time or possibly forever. So, you need the best, proven, experienced Attorneys.

No Attorneys in Berks County Offer a Broader Scope of Legal Expertise

Having a broad scope of legal expertise is crucial to you because legal problems interrelate. Our expertise includes

Business Law

Our expert Business Attorneys are there to help you through every phase in the life of your business. They

Estate Planning

Our expert Estate Planning Attorneys assure your estate’s assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes.

  • write strong Wills that accurately state your intentions and minimize possible disputes;
  • help determine if Trusts are the best approach to protect or distribute your estate’s assets;
  • guide you through Probate to avoid problems with heirs and tax authorities; and
  • lastly, give you the highest quality Estate Administration services.

Bankruptcy Law

Our expert Bankruptcy Attorneys guide you through every phase of declaring Bankruptcy.

  • review your unique situation to determine if Bankruptcy is the best alternative;
  • decide which Type of Bankruptcy is best for you;
  • explain which of your debts are dischargeable;
  • explain the Bankruptcy Process, so you know what to expect; and
  • lastly, make sure your documentation and schedules are complete and accurate to ensure the fastest and best settlement.

Patents & Trademarks

We’re better able to understand the technical aspects of your intellectual property. That’s because our expert, nationally recognized Patents and Trademarks Attorney is also a graduate engineer.

Real Estate Law

Our expert Real Estate Attorneys help and protect you in matters regarding

  • Appealing Real Estate Tax Assessments
  • Foreclosures
  • Municipal Litigation

Sports & Entertainment Law

Our expert Sports & Entertainment Attorneys

Criminal Law

Family Law

Our Family Attorneys are expert in

Asset Protection Law

We protect your assets from loss because of

  • Personal Injury;
  • Malpractice;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Legal Claims;
  • Liability Claims;
  • Sudden Illness; and
  • lastly, Divorce

Choosing the Best Attorney in Berks County to Represent You

When you turn to the Internet or phone book, you’ll discover a bewildering list of Attorneys serving Reading and Berks County. It’s difficult to decide who to trust and turn to for help because all the Law Firms are saying the same things.

We’ll help you make the right decision. Read on to discover why so many people in Reading and Berks County chose and recommended us to friends and family.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Choosing the Least Expensive Lawyer or Free Online Legal Solution

That’s because

  • everyone’s situation is different and cheap, or free solutions, tend to be “one size fits all”;
  • questions our experienced, professional Attorneys ask you during a one-on-one consultation can have a significant impact on the best way to handle your case; and
  • finally, your emotional cost and financial consequences of bad or inadequate legal advice dwarf the savings so-called low-cost alternatives claim.

Unquestionably, critical legal decisions impacting your life, both emotionally and financially are no places to cut corners. Additionally, we won’t do anything that isn’t required to protect you that’s added to increase your bill. We’re here to help you, not make things worse.

You Won’t Find Better Attorneys in Reading, Berks County, and Pennsylvania

You’re already stressed out. So, the last thing you need is a stuffy, condescending, or unprofessional Lawyer. We’re different, better Berks County Lawyers because of we

  • give you the ideal combination of professionalism and compassion in everything we do;
  • have a reputation for being the most people and family-oriented law firm in Berks County with unrivaled experience;
  • live by our driving principle to treat you and all our clients as we want ourselves, our family and business handled;
  • explain complex legal matters in plain English, so you walk away knowing where you’re at and understanding what to expect going forward;
  • have expertise in a broad range of practice areas that are extremely important for you because legal considerations interrelate;
  • do everything possible to keep the Cost of Litigation as low as possible;
  • don’t rest on our laurels; and
  • very importantly, strive for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.

No Attorneys in Reading, PA, and Berks County offer a more comprehensive breadth of legal skills. We thoroughly protect you and your business. Contact Us Online or Call Us at 610-670-9000 today. Learn More About Our Firm

Absolutely amazing!!! Larry Jr. was so helpful and offered suggestions I would never have known were options. Small family practice with excellent knowledge. I would highly recommend!! Thank you, Larry, for listening and caring!!
Jen Shick 5/2/19

I couldn’t have asked for a better LAW FIRM to represent me, and when some unexpected obstacles came up in my case, Larry JR addressed them and put me at ease relatively quickly! The professionalism and commitment shown by the Firm were what I was hoping to obtain from the start, and they did not disappoint. I will most certainly use them for any future need of Professional and knowledgeable Representation.
J. Musser 4/22/19