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Miller Law Group Berks County Law Offices in West Lawn, PA

Miller Law Group’s Berks County Law Offices are located in West Lawn, PA near Reading.

Our lawyers have 40 years’ experience serving clients in Berks County communities around Reading, Pennsylvania. We fully understand people don’t contact us to tell us about what a great day they’re having. You need a lawyer when…

  • life takes an unexpected and emotionally stressful turn; or
  • you want to protect yourself, family, business and other assets from what could happen.

These are serious legal matters. Making legal mistakes can negatively impact your well-being for a long time or possibly forever. Can you imagine depending on a rookie lawyer or the “cheapest” lawyer to protect you making these decisions? Obviously no reasonable, thinking person would put themselves at that much risk.  You need the best, proven, experienced and expert…

Uniquely Better Berks County Business and Family Lawyers

When you turn to the Internet or phone book you’ll discover a bewildering list of attorneys serving Berks County. They all basically saying the same things. Who knew there were so many Business and Family Lawyers in Berks County around Reading? It’s difficult to decide who to trust and turn to for help.

We’ll help you make the right decision. Read on to discover why so many people in Reading and Berks County chose and recommend us to friends and family.

You’re already stressed out. The last thing you need is a stuffy, patronizing, or unprofessional lawyer. We’re different, better Berks County Lawyers. That’s because we…

  • give you the ideal combination of professionalism and compassion in everything we do;
  • have a reputation for being the most people and family-oriented law firm in Berks County with unrivaled experience;
  • live by our driving principle to treat you and all our clients as we want ourselves or our family treated;
  • explain complex legal matters in plain English so you walk away knowing where you’re at and understanding what to expect going forward; and
  • lastly, have the expertise in a broad range of practice areas that’s extremely important for you because legal considerations interrelate. For example, divorce issues can impact Wills,  Estate Planning. and Bankruptcy.

Don’t  Make the Mistake of Choosing the Least Expensive Lawyer or Free Online Legal Solution

That’s because…

  • everyone’s situation is different and cheap or free solutions tend to be “one size fits all”;
  • questions an experienced, professional attorney asks during a one-on-one consultation can have a huge impact on the best way to handle your case; and
  • finally, the emotional cost and financial consequences of bad or inadequate legal advice dwarf the savings these so-called low cost alternatives offer.

Obviously, important legal decisions impacting your life both emotionally and financially are no places to cut corners. We won’t do anything that isn’t required to protect you just to pad our bill. We’re here to help you… not make things worse. We…

  • don’t rest on our laurels; and
  • very importantly, strive for continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.

That’s because we want to continue to be your best choice for Business Lawyers and Family Lawyers in Berks County, in Reading or anywhere else in Pennsylvania.
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Our Mission: A Respectful Client Relationship

At the Miller Law Group, our primary concern is our clients well-being. When…

  • our phones ring, we answer; and
  • most importantly, when our clients need us most we’re there.

The relationship we work to build with our clients goes well beyond the typical lawyer/client correspondence.


  • take pride in offering you unsurpassed; expert and professional legal counsel;
  • spend as much time with you necessary to thoroughly understand your unique legal challenges and concerns;
  • recognize every divorce, custody arrangement, business dissolution, business formation or adoption is different;
  • offer customized solutions and advice based on your circumstances based on 40 years’ experience practicing law in Berks County, PA;
  • explain complex legal matters using plain English; and
  • most importantly, make sure you leave our offices feeling hopeful and empowered.

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The Difference the Miller Law Group Makes

The Miller Law Group is a different kind of Berks County law firm. That’s because we’re your law firm.


  • have 40 years’ experience assisting clients in Berks County communities in and around Reading, PA; and
  •  focus on our most important guiding principle: to take every client’s problems as seriously as we take our own concerns. You’ll get the same legal support and advice we’d give to members of our own family.

If you need a Business Lawyer, Family Lawyer, help with Estate Planning or legal assistance with almost any other legal matter, Contact Us Online or Call Us at 610-670-9000. We have the experience and proven track record you absolutely need to fully protect yourself and your loved ones. Furthermore, you simply won’t find lawyers in Berks County or Pennsylvania who’ll treat you with more understanding and respect. Let us help and protect you.


“Your Legal Team at the Miller Law Group”

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