Berks County Real Estate Attorney Larry Miller, Jr

My name is Larry Miller, Jr., and I’m an experienced Real Estate Attorney as well as a Business and Estate Planning Attorney.  Furthermore, I have decades of experience in Pennsylvania Real Estate Law, serving individuals, businesses, and municipalities around Reading, PA, Berks County, and Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Proven, Experienced Berks County Real Estate Attorneys

Our Real Estate Attorneys have 50+ years of combined experience in Pennsylvania Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law. Our Attorneys help and protect

  • individuals;
  • businesses; and
  • municipalities;

with complex real estate legal issues. And we serve clients in Berks County around Reading, PA, and throughout Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

You already know that residential and commercial real estate transactions are among the most critical decisions you make. In addition to being crucial, you also know Real Estate matters can be very complicated. Therefore, there’s an increased probability of making serious mistakes.  Furthermore, errors involving real estate can threaten your financial well-being and your business’s ability to grow and prosper.

Our Real Estate Attorneys make sure you understand what’s happening and what to expect next because we

  • explain processes and complicated documents in plain English, and
  • in addition to using words you can understand, take as much time as you need to gain a total understanding.

Situations When Our Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Help and Protect You

We’ll take a look at some everyday situations where our expert Real Estate Attorneys lower your risks. And, in addition to lowering risks, we’ll also look at some ways Real Estate Attorneys who are also expert Business Attorneys and Estate Planning Attorneys can protect you from potential problems that may surprise you.

Berks County Real Estate Attorney Richard V. Grimes

My name is Richard V. Grimes, Jr., and I’m an experienced Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning Attorney. I look forward to helping you with all your Real Estate issues.

Real Estate Legal Matters Where Help From Our Real Estate Attorneys is Crucial

Buying  and Selling Commercial Property

Transactions involving commercial real estate are generally far more complicated than residential property because there are

  • more parties involved;
  • zoning issues;
  • sustainability and environmental impacts;
  • variances, and
  • lastly, site plan applications, and more.

Having our experienced Real Estate Attorneys involved is extremely helpful because they’re also expert proven Business Attorneys. As a result, we’re not only concerned about protecting you through a Real Estate purchase. That’s because Business Attorneys also understand critical issues that could prevent your business from growing and prospering in the future.

Why You Won’t Find Better Real Estate Attorneys in Reading and Berks County,

You’ll immediately know you chose the right law firm because we

  • are proven Reading Real Estate Attorneys with over 50 years of experience serving Berks County, Central Pennsylvania, and Southeastern, Pennsylvania;
  • are experts in Pennsylvania and local Real Estate laws and regulations;
  • can provide you with total, comprehensive protection because we have a full breadth of legal expertise including
  • have a reputation for being the most family-oriented law firm in Berks County;
  • explain complex Real Estate issues using plain English;
  • take as much time as necessary, so you clearly understand what’s going on and what to expect next; and
  • lastly, we are conveniently located in West Lawn, PA.

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