Adoption Complications Require Our Expert Adoption Attorneys

Berks County Adoption Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

Berks County Expert Adoption Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

You need our expert Adoption Attorneys because Adoption is complicated. Mistakes in contracts and other paperwork could cause the unthinkable to happen.

If you’re like most people, that adopted child was yours from the moment you laid eyes on it. There’s no more loved or wanted child than an adopted child. Years into the future, you are that adopted child’s Mom and Dad. Yours is the only home that the child has ever known.

Then, out of the blue, a birth parent suddenly appears who has “changed their mind”  and now wants the child. And because of that avoidable mistake made in the Adoption process, your dream come true of adopting a child turns into a nightmare. The court overturns the Adoption, and your child has been torn away from you causing unimaginable heartbreak and trauma for both you and child.

Therefore, you can’t let that happen, and our Adoption Attorneys won’t allow it to happen. However, you have to get us involved from the beginning of the Adoption process for us to protect you.

The PA Adoption System Is One of the Least Restrictive

On the surface, Pennsylvania has one of the least restrictive Adoption systems in the country. Under Pennsylvania laws

  • anyone can adopt, and any child can be adopted;
  • even some adults can be adopted; and
  • lastly, there are no residency requirements.

However, many factors can complicate the Adoption process. For instance

  • unmarried couples may have a hard time adopting in Pennsylvania; and
  • in the past, some GLBT couples have also struggled to adopt;
  • there’s an extensive and sometimes invasive screening process that could reveal a criminal conviction that hampers your ability to adopt; and
  • most crucially, parental rights usually have to be surrendered by the birth parents that is sometimes difficult to obtain.

Adoption Types in Pennsylvania and Why You Need Our Adoption Attorneys

When adopting in Pennsylvania, you have options, including:

International Adoptions

International Adoptions allow you to adopt a child from overseas. This type of Adoption requires working with our Adoption Attorneys because of immigration issues and international laws may affect the process.

Agency Adoptions

Adoption Agencies handle both domestic and international Adoptions. Our Adoption Attorneys can help you choose a reliable, reputable Adoption agency.

Private Adoptions

Private Adoptions can involve adopting directly from birth parents or a private agency.  You need our Adoption Attorneys to help you with the complicated paperwork and situations common to Private Adoptions.

Stepparent Adoptions

If a spouse wants to adopt your child from a previous marriage, it’s important to get consent or the proper paperwork to dissolve parental rights from the biological parent. Our Stepparent Adoption Attorneys with this process and ensure the Adoption is legal.

What Our Adoption Attorneys Can Do for You

Our Adoption Attorneys are a valuable resource in each step of the Adoption process because of they

  • can advise you on the Adoption process including
    • screening;
    • selection; and
    • filing;
  • explain how PA Adoption Laws impact your unique situation;
  • help you decide which type of Adoption is best for you;
  • help you find a child;
  • represent and assist you if you feel a representative of the court or Adoption Agency is discriminating against you;
  • make sure any payments made during the pregnancy are proper, legal, and won’t jeopardize the Adoption;
  • help you complete complicated paperwork;
  • make you haven’t missed critical documents;
  • review contracts and forms to make sure a birth parent can’t challenge the Adoption in the future;
  • help you obtain critical medical information about the child you’re adopting;
  • makes sure that the method of transporting the child across state and international borders is legal; and
  • lastly, help you file for Adoption Support.

You Won’t Find Better Adoption Attorneys in Reading, PA and Berks County


  • have 40 years of experience helping people in Berks County around Reading, PA with Adoptions;
  • have a reputation for being the most family-oriented Law Firm in Berks County;
  • explain complex legal issues in plain English, so you understand every detail of the Adoption; and
  • lastly, treat your Adoption with the same diligence and attention to detail we would do for a member of our family;

In conclusion, no other Law Firm in Berks County will do more to protect you from the unimaginable pain of losing your adopted child years into the future because of mistakes made in the Adoption process. Contact Us Online or Call Us at 610-670-9000 today.

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