Proven, Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys Matter

Berks County, PA Civil Litigation Attorney Larry W. Miller, Jr.

My name is Larry W. Miller. I’m an Expert Civil Litigation Attorney and Managing Partner of The Miller Law Group.

Civil Litigation involves non-criminal legal disputes. Examples include

  • Employer Disputes including
    • Worker’s Compensation; and
    • Wrongful Dismissal;
  • Personal Injury resulting from
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents;
    • Products Liability; and
    • lastly, Medical Malpractice.

You already know there’s no substitute for experience. We have 40 years’ experience representing clients like you in civil disputes in Berks County communities around Reading, PA. Therefore, choosing our proven, experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys ensures you and your family get the best possible protection.

We are a family-owned and people-oriented law firm. We have a reputation in Berks County for giving our clients the same dedication we would for members of our family.

Why You Need Our  Civil Litigation Attorneys If You’re Being Taken to Court

You need our Civil Litigation Attorneys to represent you in court regardless of how obvious you feel

  • the action filed against you is baseless; or
  • conversely, if you’re the plaintiff, the fault for injuries you’ve incurred.

Skilled attorneys ask questions and describe events that can cloud the truth. They may persuade the court to rule against you. You need a proven, experienced Civil Litigation Attorney fighting for you. Doing so makes sure your case is properly and fairly presented to the court.

Proper representation and protection are just too important.  If you lose a civil lawsuit, you may find your

  • insurance rates increase considerably;
  • reputation is adversely affected; and
  • lastly, assets threatened.

Why Hiring Our Civil Litigation Attorneys Early Is So Important

Hire our Civil Litigation Attorneys as soon as you think that a civil lawsuit is imminent or you get served with papers of a lawsuit.  This gives us as much time as possible to

  • advise you on the legal process;
  • coach you on what and what not to say leading up to your court appearance to avoid harming your case;
  • launch an investigation to prove your case by
    • gathering evidence on your behalf;
    • subpoenaing records;
    • finding witnesses or experts to support your case;
  • work to have a meritless lawsuit thrown out of court;
  • build the defense to safeguard your rights; and
  • finally, represent you in court and at negotiations fully prepared.

Why You Won’t Find Better Berks County Civil Litigation Attorneys Around Reading, PA

That’s because we

  • have 40 years’ experience resolving Civil Litigation matters for people like you in Berks County communities around Reading, PA;
  • takes as much time as it takes to fully understand your unique situation;
  • explain legal matters using plain English so you fully understand your position and what comes next;
  • very importantly, protect you the same as we would representing a member of our family.

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