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My name is Larry Miller, Jr., and I’m an experienced Real Estate Attorney as well as a Business and Estate Planning Attorney. I have decades of experience in Pennsylvania Real Estate Law, helping people buy and sell their homes in Reading, PA, Berks County, and Southeastern PA.

Why Home Buyer’s Need Our Real Estate Attorneys

Pennsylvania Law does not require that you have a Real Estate Attorney when you buy or sell a home. Nevertheless, buying or selling a home is one of the most significant and crucial transactions for most people. And, like all real estate transactions, the process and documentation are complex and full of potential pitfalls and problems.

We understand that when you buy a home, you’re usually pressed for cash. Understandably, taking on one more expense that’s not mandatory is something you naturally try to avoid. However, you should read this page to find out why you’ll want the added protection of our experienced, proven Real Estate Attorneys. That’s because the problems associated with buying or selling a home can be costly and potentially several times more expensive than your Real Estate Attorney fees. Also, attorney fees associated with litigation required to resolve real estate related problems can be significantly higher than preventative services on the front end.

Read this page to discover why so many home buyers and sellers in Reading, Berks County, and Southeastern Pennsylvania use and recommend our Real Estate Attorneys.

Review the Seller’s Disclosure Statement

Sellers are required to complete this statement and supply it to the buyer. The report provides detailed information about the physical condition of the property you’re considering. Very crucially, the report reveals problems you may not be able to see by physically inspecting it. It includes things like

  • the state of major systems like plumbing and electrical;
  • major appliances;
  • the presence and condition of smoke detectors;
  • deed restrictions;
  • homeowner’s association fees;
  • health and age of the roof,
  • and many other important.

The Seller’s Disclosure Statement is a big step for protecting buyers. In a perfect world, you would know a lot more about your property. However, it is an imperfect world. And, here are some issues to discuss with your Real Estate Attorneys:

  • Is the form appropriately completed?
  • If problems exist, who fixes them and what’s the agreed-upon definition of “fixed”?
  • What recourse do I have if the seller won’t correct problems?
  • What protections do I have if the seller answers dishonestly or makes a mistake?

Home Inspections

Most times, lending institutions require a home inspection by a licensed inspector. If, for whatever reason, they don’t, you should insist on one to have a professional look for significant and costly problems. Again, in a perfect world, there are no problems. But what if the inspection was inaccurate. What protection do you have if the roof that the seller and inspector told you is in good shape, in fact, leaks? Now what? What protections do you have in place to immediately address situations like this?

Your Final Inspection Before Closing

Berks County Real Estate Attorney Richard V. Grimes

My name is Richard Grimes, Jr. I’m an experienced Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning Attorney. I look forward to protecting you through all the steps of buying and selling your home.

Final inspections are usually made close to or on the day of your closing. What if you discover the prior owner has not removed certain items or otherwise has not left the property in the agreed-upon condition. What do you do? You may have already moved out of your prior residence, or the lease for your temporary living conditions has expired. Well, the first thing to do is have a plan or protection in place beforehand because this is a common situation.

Home Protection Plans Offered by the Realtor

Your Real Estate Attorney will review the plan. He or she will help you determine what the protection plan covers and for how long and for how much.

Title Searches and Title Insurance

Have our Real Estate Attorney review the title search and title insurance. Find out if you have protection from title theft. Our Real Estate Attorneys will also help you find Property Encroachment problems that could affect your title now or in the future.

The Closing

Have you ever been to a Closing? If not, ask someone who has been to one about their experience. They present you with a dizzying array of documents usually marked with Post-it markers indicating where you’re required to sign. Your signature indicates you agree with and are legally bound to the terms and conditions in the document you’re signing.

The company conducting the closing will briefly explain the purpose of each document and, in theory, you can read them. In reality, nobody does because, if you did, the closing process would take until the next mass extinction.

Furthermore, if you did read the documents, you wouldn’t understand them unless you’re an experienced Real Estate Attorney. So, there you are, trying to appear like you know what you’re doing as you’re blindly signing what are arguably some of the most crucial documents you’ll ever sign. Doesn’t it make sense to have an expert advocate working for you who has previously reviewed the documents for accuracy and omissions?

Why Home Seller’s Need Our Real Estate Attorneys

Protecting the buyer in Real Estate transactions is a matter of limiting their liability and assuring that all the paperwork is correct.

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

Transactions involving commercial real estate are generally far more complicated than residential property because there are

  • more parties involved;
  • zoning issues;
  • sustainability and environmental impacts;
  • variances, and
  • lastly, site plan applications, and more.

Having our experienced Real Estate Attorneys who are also expert proven Business Attorneys is particularly helpful. That’s because they’re not only concerned about protecting you through the purchase. And, they also understand critical issues that could prevent your business from growing and prospering in the future.

You Won’t Find Better Berks County Real Estate Attorneys Berks County to Help You Buy or Sell a Home

You’ll immediately know you chose the right law firm because we

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  • are experts in Pennsylvania and local Real Estate laws and regulations;
  • can provide you with total, comprehensive protection because we have a full breadth of legal expertise including;
  • have a reputation for being the most family-oriented law firm in Berks County;
  • explain complex Real Estate issues using plain English;
  • take the time to clearly explain what’s going on and what to expect next; and
  • lastly, we are conveniently located in West Lawn, PA.

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