Why You Need Our Attorneys to Help You Through the Bankruptcy Filing Process

Berks County Bankruptcy Lawyer Larry Miller, Jr.

I’ll make sure your filing documentation is 100% complete and accurate.

A Bankruptcy Attorney is not a legal requirement in PA when filing for Bankruptcy. However, our expert Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you immensely by ensuring you’re filing accurate and correct documents and schedules. Accuracy is critical because incorrect information can adversely affect your settlement.

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Filing Process

You begin the bankruptcy process by

  • itemizing your
    • income sources;
    • monthly living expenses;
    • debts;
    • assets; and
    • key financial transactions over the past 24 months;
  • gathering
    • tax returns for at least the last two years; and
    • documents relating to any property you own.
      Our Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you determine what documents you need to ensure you don’t leave anything out.

When you have all your financial information and documents, you can start the bankruptcy filing process by

  • filing several forms including a petition with the Pennsylvania District Bankruptcy Court.
    • The court uses this paperwork (known as the schedules) to determine how to proceed in your case.
    • It is crucial that this information is accurate and up-to-date, or it may negatively affect your petition;
  • filing your suggested repayment plan for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    • You and your attorney will need to make arrangements to start your payment plan. You usually make payments through direct withdrawals from your bank account;
    • The payment plan must account for all of your disposable income for a minimum of three years and must use this income to pay off your debts; and
  • lastly, paying filing costs.

You Won’t Find Better Bankruptcy Lawyers in Reading, PA and Berks County to Help You File

It makes common sense to make sure your documentation and schedules are complete and accurate. That’s because you want your Bankruptcy to go through as fast as possible with the best possible settlement. You also know that the best possible way to make sure you’ve completed all the required documents and schedules and that they’re accurate is to have the guidance of an experienced, proven Bankruptcy Attorney. Here’s why we’re your best choice in Reading and Berks County.

We have

  • 40 years’ experience in PA Bankruptcy Law;
  • helped hundreds of people File for Bankruptcy in Berks County around Reading, PA;
  • knowledge of precisely what the court is looking for and expects in you filing documentation and schedules;
  • have a full breadth of Bankruptcy related legal expertise including Business Dissolution, Business Contracts, Business Taxes; Spousal Support and Alimony, Child Support and Estate Planning; and
  • very importantly, a reputation in Berks County for being the most supportive law firm to assure you everything will be OK.

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