Berks County, Pennsylvania Business Attorney Larry W. Miller, Jr.

My name is Larry W. Miller, Jr. I’m an experienced Business Attorney and Managing Partner at The Miller Law Group. No other Business Attorney in Reading or Berks County will work harder to protect your business in any area of PA Business Law.

Proven, Experienced Berks County Business Attorneys Around Reading, PA

Miller Law Group’s  Business Attorneys have 40 years’ experience practicing Business Law in Berks County communities near Reading, PA. We understand running a successful business requires dedication and hard work. We know how disruptive an unforeseen legal challenge can be for business owners.

Meet with us. We’ll…

  • take as much time as it takes to get a thorough understanding of your business;
  • ask questions only experienced Business Attorneys know to ask to get a better understanding;
  • develop a comprehensive legal plan to defend you in a current problem or protect you against future legal vulnerabilities; and
  • lastly, explain your business’s legal issues in plain English so you don’t have to be a Business Attorney to understand.

You won’t find more proven, experienced Business Attorneys in Berks County. We’ll…

  • treat you as we would a member of our family; and
  • most importantly, protect your business the same energy and attention to detail as we would our own.

Our Business Law Attorneys specialize in the following areas:

Business Litigation

We’re experts in PA Litigation involving:

  • Real Estate;
  • Insurance;
  • Partnerships;
  • and Shareholder Disputes.

When there is an issue affecting the future of your business or the way your business is run, you can always turn to Miller Law Group for support. Our attorneys have worked with companies across all disciplines and industries.

We understand the unique concerns of business owners in different sectors. We do our best to create the legal framework you need to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Whether you need to pursue a claim or need help with mediation, our attorneys work to provide your business with the leverage needed so you can enjoy a brighter future.

Business Startups

Our team can guide you through the legal processes to get your business up and running.

Starting a new business involves several legal issues  including:

  • Fundraising;
  • creating Business Agreements; and
  • Employee Contracts.

Getting legal the legal fundamentals of your business right from the beginning can help you avoid litigation later on. Getting these legal issues right protects both your personal and company’s interests. The Business Lawyers at The Miller Law Group will:

  • review your business goals;
  • identify and address some of the potential issues in your industry and situation; and
  • ensure you have a sound legal basis for many years of success.

Business Contracts

  • Proper planning is essential to prevent contract disputes.
  • Contracts protect your business only if they are designed to address possible issues and  created to offer maximum protection.
  • Only an experienced Business Lawyer knows the possible issues and how to address them.

Here’s why Berks County businesses choose and recommend us to protect them…

  • Our proven, experienced Business Lawyers have 40 years’ experience protecting small and large businesses in Reading, Pennsylvania and Berks County communities near Reading as well as multinationals.
  • We know the expected events that affect your business.
  • We have experienced and successfully dealt with the unexpected events that can blindside you.
  • We write contracts that protect you from both.
  • No other Business Attorney in Reading or Berks County is better prepared to to defend you in contract disputes.
  • We understand what it means to put your heart and sole into your business. We know what it means to your family and employees.That’s because are Berks County business owners. Our firm core is to treat our clients’ problems as if they were our own. We apply the same diligence and personal care we would bestow on legal issues affecting our business.
  • Our goal is to write contracts that protect your business so it can grow to its fullest potential.

You won’t find better Business Lawyers in Reading, Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania. Let us help your business. Contact us at The Miller Law Group to schedule a consultation.