Berks County, Pennsylvania Business Dissolution Lawyer Larry W. Miller, Jr.

My name is Larry W. Miller, Jr. I’m an expert Business Dissolution Attorney and Managing Partner at The Miller Law Group. I have the proven record and broad breadth of legal expertise you deserve protect your interests. I also promise to make the Business Dissolution process as quick and painless for you as possible.

You Need the Best Business Dissolution Lawyer in Reading, PA and Berks County

There are many reasons why a company chooses to close its doors.

  • A company simply runs its course and business owners lose interest;
  • entrepreneurs move on to new opportunities; or
  • owners find their businesses are not as profitable as they had hoped.

No matter why, it’s important to consult with an experienced Business Dissolution Lawyer before you start the process. That’s because closing a business can be even more complicated than opening a new business. Complications can include…

  • dissolving partnerships;
  • informing shareholders;
  • paying off debts; and
  • informing creditors.

Business Dissolution can become even more involved if..

  • not everyone agrees to the closing of a business; or
  • there are outstanding financial or legal matters to resolve.

The process of dissolving a business… especially a partnership or limited liability partnership… is so involved and complicated the process is often called “business divorce.”

To protect your interests and assets and get you through the process smoothly, consult with our experienced Business Dissolution Lawyers

How Our Business Dissolution Attorneys Can Help

You already know you need an experienced Business Dissolution Lawyer. We fill that requirement because you won’t more proven and experienced Business Dissolution Lawyers in Reading or Berks County. But we offer even more. We offer a broad breadth of legal services and expertise that are related to Business Dissolution like:

There are many steps in the Business Dissolution process. Our experienced Business Dissolution Attorneys can assist with every step by:

  • reviewing your contracts to find clauses about dissolution.
  • drawing up a Business Dissolution Contract to facilitate the process if there are no Business Dissolution clauses; and
  • advising you about the dissolution process as it applies to your business. The Business Dissolution process can be very different depending upon…
    • whether you’re being forced to close by a court order or voluntarily considering the sale or closing of a business and may include:
    • the type of business that you have.

The Business Dissolution process will depend on why you’re closing your business and what type of business you have. The process may include:

  • calling for a shareholder vote or filing for bankruptcy;
  • filing a Certificate of Dissolution with Pennsylvania if your company is incorporated;
  • secure and complete appropriate tax documents; and
  • sending notifications to creditors.
    Note: You must meet all your creditor obligations before you distribute any assets among the business’s owners.

4) Help With Any Disputes That Arise

Inevitable disagreements arise during Business Dissolution. There may be…

We’ll negotiate and defend your rights so your Business Dissolution is as fair to you and as amicable as possible.

If you’re considering the close or sale of your business, contact the Business Attorneys at The Miller Law Group. Here’s why…

  • You won’t find more proven, experienced Business Dissolution Lawyers in Reading , Berks County or anywhere else in Pennsylvania.
  • Your won’t find any Berks County Business Dissolution Lawyer with a wider breadth of legal expertise you know you absolutely need to protect you in Business Dissolution.
  • Our attorneys take the time and care to get to know each client individually and gain in depth knowledge of their business. In fact, we treat each case with the same care and dedication we’d exert on our own behalf… like family.
  • We explain complex legal issues using plain English so you know where you stand, what will happen next and when it will happen.

Clearly we are the legal help you’re looking for in Reading and Berks County. Contact us today for a confidential consultation to find out more.