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Expert Patent Attorney Larry Miller, Sr.

My name is Larry Miller Sr. I’m an expert Patent Attorney with 41 years of experience. I served big, medium-sized, and small companies throughout Berks County, Pennsylvania, and the United States. Let me help you protect the intellectual property you’ve worked so hard to develop.

Experience Is Crucial

Our Patent Attorneys offer you over forty years of diverse experience, including:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • automotive;
  • decks and roofing;
  • electrical devices, controls, and lighting;
  • furniture;
  • industrial cleaning machines;
  • manufacturing machinery;
  • medical equipment;
  • safety devices; and
  • lastly, have represented companies in Pennsylvania and across the United States including
    • Berger Building Products, Inc.;
    • Ford Motor Company;
    • Iron Mountain, Inc.; and
    • Pelletron Corporation.

Patent Attorneys ability to represent you well depends upon their ability to understand the technical aspects of your invention or idea. Our lead Patent Attorney knows the right questions to ask you because he has a Degree in Civil Engineering. Furthermore, based on our decades of experience, we know when you need additional trustworthy technical expertise.

Your Patent Attorney should have a strong understanding of business, not just the law. Business experience in major companies is essential because it helps you assess the profitability of your idea and the real-world challenges of bringing your design to market. Again, our lead Patent Attorney can help you because he has 17 years of experience as Senior Patent Attorney for New Holland, Inc., and seven years of experience as Patent Counsel CNH Global, LLC, before going into private practice. You also have ready access to Larry Miller Jr., one of the top Business Lawyers in Pennsylvania.

We dazzle you with results, not with legalese. Patent Law is complicated. However, our Patent Attorneys communicate with you using plain English, so you clearly understand what’s going on and what’s required next.

Miller Law Group Offers You More Than Highly Qualified Patent Attorneys

We’re your one-stop source for legal services. Here’s why.

Berks County Pennsylvania Business Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

My name is Larry Miller, Jr. I will help you protect and maximize the benefits derived from your Patents and other intellectual property.

Our top Business Attorneys can help you with legal matters you require after you get patent-pending status including

Our expert Estate Planning Attorneys and Wills Attorneys make sure your intellectual property is protected and distributed according to your wishes.

Your advantages of having all the legal expertise mentioned above located under one roof include

  • improved communications between Attorneys;
  • minimizing meetings and scheduling conflicts; and
  • finally, giving you superior legal services faster and more cost-effectively.

You’ll appreciate the way Miller Law Group works with you. In fact, we have a reputation for being reliable and the most family-oriented law firm in Berks County. Our Patent Attorneys pledge to address your Patent, and your entire business, with the same passion and attention to detail as we would for members of our family.

World-Class Patent Consulting You Can Trust

Most people think you get help from a Patent Attorney after you finish developing a process or product. Only then do you consider doing a Patent Search or filing a Patent Application. However, the best time to talk to a Patent Attorney is before you invest a lot of time and expense on a new idea.

Our highly qualified Patent Attorneys help you verify that your idea does not have a patent-pending or violate an existing patent. Even if there is a patent-pending or existing patent, you may still have a patentable idea if you emphasize specific details. That’s because emphasizing certain aspects can make your concept sufficiently unique to not infringe on an existing patent.

The key to protecting your intellectual property is to file a Provisional Patent Application as soon as possible. Therefore, a significant benefit from consulting with our experienced Patent Attorneys early on is so you know when you’re ready to submit a Provisional Patent Application.

We Help You With Patent Application Preparation

Our experience preparing Patent Applications and technical engineering expertise assures you’re getting rock-solid protection for your new process or product. More importantly, we fully understand what can go wrong. Competitors will try to change what might appear as trivial details to get around your Patent and steal your work.

There are three types of Patent Applications

Provisional Patent Applications

  • far less complicated than formal patent applications;
  • not reviewed;
  • do not result in a patent;
  • protect a new invention from competitors copying or using your idea for 12 months before filing a formal patent application;
    • give the creator time to gather feedback;
    • assess the commercial viability; and
    • finally, improve a product before investing the time and expense in a formal application; and
  • lastly, allow you to refer to products or processes for which you file Provisional Patent Applications  as “patent-pending.”

Utility Patent Applications

  • formal Patent Applications;
  • describe and protect the structural features and functionality of a new or improved and useful product, process, or machine;
  • complicated and expensive;
  • require extensive review;
  • can take a considerable time for approval; and
  • finally, result in a patent that prohibits other individuals or companies from making, using, or selling the invention without authorization for 2o years.

Design Patent Applications

    • are formal Patent Applications that protect the visual appearance for up to 14 years; and
  • lastly, prevent competitors from producing products people confuse with your invention.

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