The sports and entertainment world is fast-paced and complex, so legal representation is often the last thing on athletes’ and entertainers’ minds. Luckily, the Miller Law Group is well-versed in this aspect of the law. We’re dedicated to working closely with our clients, understanding their needs, and protecting their legal rights and well-being. We can assist athletes and entertainers with the following legal issues:

  • Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing endorsement, performance, recording, and athletic contracts
  • Distribution agreements and licenses
  • Music royalties
  • Publishing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Marketing and licensing rights
  • Contract dispute litigation
  • Intellectual property, such as copyrights and trademarks

The Importance of an Entertainment Law Attorney in Berks County or Your Area

If you are an artist, writer, actor or another professional in the arts or entertainment industry, your intellectual property is part of your brand and can have a long-term impact on your finances. The contracts you sign now could affect your income and financial situation for years to come. In some cases, they can even affect your descendants’ financial positions.

For example, unfair contracts that rob you of loyalties, the rights to your intellectual property and subsidiary rights can leave you without the rightful income you earned through your talents. Unfortunately, today’s large corporations — publishing houses, movie studios and other conglomerates — often create contracts that are not beneficial to the artist. In many cases, entertainers are not represented by unions or other groups to protect them.

That’s why you need an entertainment law attorney in Reading, PA or your community by your side. Whether you’re signing a publishing agreement, the first contract for your first album or paperwork to produce a movie, an entertainment law attorney in Reading, PA or your community can advise you of your rights and help you negotiate the best possible contract to protect you.

Why You Need a Sports Law Attorney in Berks County or Your Community

Professional athletes often have relatively short careers. While they may have the opportunity to earn significant income in a short period of time, they also face substantial personal injury risks and may have already contributed large amounts of money to their careers.

To enjoy financial peace of mind, professional athletes need help from a sports law attorney in Reading or their area to ensure their contracts protect them. Carefully considering financial and legal positions ensure that athletes are not left without means if their careers suddenly end due to an injury or some other reason.

If you are a professional or semi-professional athlete, a sports law attorney in Reading, PA or your community can review your contract, ensure the agreements with your agent are favorable and negotiate on your behalf so that you get the best possible provisions and clauses to protect you and your family.

Protect Your Reputation and Your Finances

From the outset, our firm has been devoted to our clients. This means professional legal service, a commitment to our client’s needs, and personal attention and care. Whether our client is a family in distress or an A-list entertainer, our goal is the same the legal expertise you expect and the compassion you deserve.

No matter the challenge or dispute, the Miller Law Group can help. Contact us to get started.