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Written By: Brandy Miller | September 1, 2016 | No Comments

In the United States, up to 50% of first marriages and about 60% of second marriages will end in a dissolution of marriage. Each relationship is unique, and there are a range of reasons why relationships don’t work out, but the most common reasons for divorce include:

  1. Lack of commitment. In at least one survey, 73% of divorcing couples cited this as the major reason for divorce. Couples who don’t feel committed to each other and to their life together may eventually divorce.
  2. Arguments. While all couples disagree from time to time, frequent arguments and disagreements can mean a couple doesn’t have much in common or isn’t able to see eye to eye. In many cases, disagreements can be a sign of poor communication and can lead to feelings of resentment or even anger against a partner.
  3. Infidelity. Infidelity can cause resentment, anger and extreme upset. It can expose partners to STDs and can also break trust, which can be very difficult to recover.
  4. Lack of equality. When one partner is considerably older, makes considerably more money or is not equal to their partner in other ways, this can be the basis for divorce. While opposites do attract, lack of equality within a relationship can lead to insecurity, resentment and other problems.
  5. Not being ready for marriage. People marry for all kinds of reasons, and some of them marry because they feel pressured or because they feel it’s the right thing to do. However, not being financially or emotionally ready for marriage can set the stage for the end of the relationship.
  6. Abuse. Physical, sexual, emotional, financial or medical abuse are all grounds for divorce.
  7. Young marriage. Couples who marry young are statistically more likely to get divorced than couples who wait. Quite simply, as couples grow older, they may change, meaning they have less in common with their partners and are therefore more likely to divorce.

Even if you have one or more of these risk factors in your own marriage, keep in mind it doesn’t automatically mean your relationship is in danger. Many couples go through periods of arguments, non-commitment or even infidelity and end up stronger than ever. Some couples work through problems on their own, while others seek out marriage counseling or other support to help them through a rough patch.

If you do decide to end your relationship, you will need to provide a reason for the dissolution of marriage in your divorce filings, and the reasons you provide can affect your divorce, child custody arrangements and even the spousal support you pay. Before you file for divorce and cite a reason for the end of the relationship, contact an attorney with experience in family law.

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