Miller Law Group Family Lawyers have 40 years’ experience practicing Family Law in Berks County communities near Reading, PA. We understand how important your family is to you. Us too. We have a reputation for being the most people and family-oriented Family Lawyers in Reading and Berks County. We treat every client with the same dedication we would for a member of our family. We…

  • respect your privacy;
  • provide exceptional service; and most of all
  • will be there for you.

Whether you’re in the middle of a child custody battle or facing a recent divorce, let our experienced Family Attorneys guide you toward the best possible resolution. Miller Law Group offers the help you need. You won’t find better Family Lawyers in Reading or in Berks County. Here’s why…

Berks County Family Lawyers and Family Law Support Team at Miller Law Group

You won’t find better Family Lawyers in Reading or in Berks County. We understand the importance of family. And when we represent you you’re treated the same as a member of our family. We’re the Family Attorneys… the expert legal help and genuine emotional support… you’ve been looking for.

More Than Just Family Lawyers, Your Family’s Legal Ally

Our Family Lawyers have 40 years’ experience practicing Family Law in Reading, PA and in Berks County communities near Reading. Our attorneys have upheld the highest standards that have become the core of our firm:

  • Listening;
  • Helping; and
  • Understanding.

Our Family Law services include:

Why Consulting with Our Family Lawyers is So Important

  • Issues involving divorce, child custody or other family law issues can rapidly escalate and become contentious.
  • Seeking legal help early helps to diffuse and resolve contentious issues using negotiation rather than requiring legal action through the court.
  • Even if your case does wind up in the court, working with an experienced Family Attorney from the start can help you protect your family more fully.
Miller Law Group Berks County Law Offices in West Lawn, PA

Miller Law Group’s Family Lawyers Berks County Law Offices are located in West Lawn, PA near Reading and Wyomissing.

There a lot of Family Lawyers in Reading, PA and Berks County. Here’s why people choose and recommend Miller Law Group Family Attorneys:

  • We have 40 Years’ Experience Practicing PA Family Law in Berks County:
  • You already know there’s no substitute for experience. Obviously you don’t want your case to be a learning experience for an inexperienced Family Lawyer.
    • It’s important that our experience is in Berks County because some aspects PA Family Law are not interpreted the same in all counties.
    • It’s important that we have experience working with the judges likely to handle your case because not all judges handle Family Law matters the same within the same county.
  • We are a People and Family-Oriented Law Firm: People feel comfortable with us because our compassion for and understanding of what you’re going through is real.
  • We Listen and Take Time to Understand: We carefully listen to you until we fully understand what’s going on in your life. We ask the right questions. We then explain Family Law legal issues using plain English so you understand what’s happening and what will happen next.
  • We are Expert in All Areas of Family Law: We will protect you in all Family Law matters.
  • We have a Broad Scope of Legal Expertise: Family Law matters can also affect Tax, Wills  and Estate Planning.

Beware of “Cheap” legal solutions. This is your family we’re talking about here. Cheap legal solutions are cheap for a reason. They want to get you in and out as quickly as possible with one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our Family Lawyers take the time necessary to handle your case properly so you and your relationship with your family are protected. But we will never take any unnecessary action(s) simply to run up our fees.

Beware of online Internet solutions.

  • Unless you yourself are a skilled, experienced Family Lawyer there is absolutely no way you will understand the meaning and implications of the terms used.
  • Is the online solution relevant to PA Family Law?
  • Can an online solution suggest implication in other areas of the law affected by Family Law matters like Tax and Estate Planning?

Choosing a cheap or free online solution is most often the most expensive approach both in terms of money and emotional stress. You need a Family Lawyer because family issues are just too important make mi


Berks County Family Lawyer Larry W. Miller

My name is Larry Miller, Jr. I’m an expert Family Attorney and Managing Partner at The Miller Law Group. I will use my vast experience in Family Law to represent and protect you through these difficult times. I promise to provide the respect and emotional support you deserve.

Family Law – Divorce Issues

Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of your life, but it can also lead to a new family and new opportunities for happiness. No matter what has happened to your relationship, our expert experienced Divorce Lawyers can help you end your marriage.

In the event of an uncontested divorce, our Divorce Lawyers can offer mediation and can help you amicably sort out:

If one party contests the divorce, you won’t find a better Divorce Attorney in Reading or in Berks County to represent you in court. We can help you keep things as cordial as possible. Your lawyer can represent your interests and help you end your marriage in the best way possible for you and your children.

Child Issues

The most difficult family law situations involve children. Even when everyone in a child’s life wants the best for a child, disagreements about child custody, child support, grandparents’ rights and other issues can create a combative environment harmful for a child.

No child wants to see their family arguing. Working with our experienced Family Lawyers improves the chances disagreements will be resolved quickly and in a civil manner. This allows you to focus on your family again and to provide the best support possible for your children.

Choosing a Family Lawyer in Berks County Near Reading, PA

Berks County Family Lawyer Ali M. Audi

My name is Ali M. Audi. I’m an expert Family Law Attorney experienced in representing clients in Reading, PA and in Berks County communities near Reading. I promise to show you respect and to provide the best possible legal advice and emotional support though out the legal process.

When your family needs it most, you can count on the expert Family Lawyers at The Miller Law Group. Contact us to get started with a confidential consultation.

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