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Definition of Intellectual Property

Pennsylvania Intellectual Property Attorney Larry Miller, Sr.Intellectual Property refers to any intangible property you have created through creativity. It may apply to a

  • manuscript;
  • book;
  • design;
  • invention; or
  • other product.

If you own a business, chances are you have Intellectual Property. In fact, your Intellectual Property may be the most significant part of your business.

Why is Intellectual Property Important

Intellectual Property can help you build

  • passive income and is an essential part of how you make money at your business; and
  • your Brand and allows you to enjoy
    • franchising;
    • licensing; and
    • other passive income opportunities.

Why You Must Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property closely links to your Brand. If you don’t protect it, others can use your Intellectual Property in ways you don’t approve. For example, others might use your creative works and designs on a website that is in competition with your business or that represents views that stand against those of your company.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Make sure you correctly register and secure Intellectual Property with a

  • Copyright;
  • Trademark; or
  • Other Protections.

Berks County Business Litigation Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.You must actively seek out infringements of your rights and penalize violators. That’s because failure to do so can be seen as you relinquishing your Intellectual Property rights. It makes it much harder for you to argue if someone uses your Intellectual Property in a way you don’t approve.

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