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Berks County Business Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

I work with both small businesses and Corporations, and I can help you decide whether Incorporation is right for you.

The Decision to Incorporate is Complicated

The Business Structure you choose when you started your business may no longer be the best alternative. We’ll look at some reasons why you may decide to Incorporate your business. But understand from the beginning that this is a complicated decision that can have broad implications for you, your business and even your Estate Planning. The only informed way to make this crucial decision is to discuss your business in detail with our expert Business Attorneys.

Your Business Is Growing Quickly

If your business has grown significantly and you’re launching new products, incorporating helps you separate yourself from your company. Separating yourself ensures that, if there is ever a lawsuit, you protect your assets.

You Will Need New Fundraising Opportunities

Incorporation simplifies fundraising. Investors can quickly change their investment by buying and selling shares. Limited liability attracts investors. 

You Have a Staff or Services Large Enough to Accommodate the Requirements of a Corporation

You’ll need to meet recordkeeping requirements of the corporation structure, and you will have new tax obligations. You’ll either need more staff or standalone services to remain compliant.

You Are in a High-Risk Industry.

Some industries, because of their very nature, are more likely to be involved in a lawsuit. If this is the case for your sector, incorporating can help you protect your private assets and can ensure your business continues, even without you. Incorporation separates your business from you and survives personal bankruptcy, owners passing away and other challenges.

You Have Talked It Over With Our Business Attorneys.

Our Business Attorneys have reviewed your future goals, and your current business situation and determined Incorporation offers you the right combination of tax benefits and legal benefits. Only then can you be sure you’re making the right decision.

You Won’t Find Better Business Attorneys in Reading, Berks County, and Pennsylvania to Help You Decide

Our attorneys can walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of incorporation for your specific business and review all of the business structures that could benefit you. Here’s why our Business Attorneys offer unsurpassed advice.

We’re expert Business Attorneys with 40 years’ experience serving both Small Businesses and Corporations in Berks County around Reading and throughout Pennsylvania. We intimately understand the pros and cons of both Business Structures.

We are Business Law specialists with expertise in all areas of business impacted by your decision to Incorporate including

Finally, we are expert Estate Planning Attorneys which may have a significant impact on your decision to Incorporate.

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