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Berks County Bankruptcy Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

Knowing what to expect during your Bankruptcy increases your confidence and reduces stress.

We are proven Bankruptcy Attorneys with 40 years’ experience helping clients in Berks County communities around Reading, PA. No one is better prepared to educate you regarding what to expect when you file for Bankruptcy in Berks County.

Read this page to get a basic idea of how the process works. However, our expert Bankruptcy Attorneys can provide far more accurate information based on your unique situation

Visit Process of Filing for Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania. Find out about required documents and schedules you’ll need to collect and prepare before filing for Bankruptcy.

Here’s what happens when you file for Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

Automatic Stay

One of the first things that happen is that an automatic stay will immediately go into effect. The stay immediately stops

  • collection calls and other attempts creditors make to collect money stops;
  • foreclosure proceedings; and
  • very importantly, prevent creditors from seizing your property until you resolve your Bankruptcy.

Preliminary Court Actions

Once you have filed for Bankruptcy, the court will

  • take legal control of assets not protected by Pennsylvania laws and all your debts;
  • appoint a trustee who will
  • make sure payments to creditors are fair; and
  • lastly, examine your financial documents and challenge parts of your case if they feel you are withholding financial information or have more assets than you are indicating.

Meeting of Creditors for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A 341 meeting of creditors will be called about 30 days after you have filed for Bankruptcy.

  • You must attend this meeting.
  • If creditors have any objections, they can voice them at this meeting and have the issue resolved through negotiation. In reality, very few creditors attend these types of meetings, especially for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Most sessions last just a few minutes.
  • You will be expected to turn over the assets or their equivalent in money to the trustee after the meeting. The trustee can distribute either the money or the proceeds of the property to the creditors. The trustee sometimes returns some property to you if it cannot be sold or has little or no value.
  • Creditors and the trustee have two months or 60 days to challenge a Chapter 7 discharge. If no one steps forward, the court will discharge your debt and send you a notice. Usually, this happens within six months or less.

Hearing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • You appear before a Bankruptcy judge.
  • The judge determines whether to accept or deny the repayment plan you submitted with your filing.
  • You start repaying your debts according to the approved plan.
  • Dischargeable debts will be discharged at the end of the term of the repayment plan as long as you have made all the repayments.

You Need Our Expert Bankruptcy Attorneys

That’s because

  • Bankruptcies can be complicated; and
  • most importantly, making innocent mistakes can significantly delay and adversely affect your settlement.

You Won’t Find Better Bankruptcy Attorneys in Reading or Berks County to Help You

That’s because we

  • have over 40 years’ experience practicing PA Bankruptcy Law in Berks County communities around Reading;
  • have a wide breadth of legal expertise in areas impacted by Bankruptcy including
  • determine if there are alternatives to filing Bankruptcy;
  • make you understand you’re not alone and shouldn’t be embarrassed;
  • relieve the burden and stress of financial problems; and
  • most importantly, give you a fresh start with your finances.

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