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A Lease is a Contract. There are questions you must ask yourself before you sign a Lease.

Has a Business Lease Lawyer Near Reading, PA Read Over the Lease?

You need to read and underrstand the Lease. Our Business Contracts Attorneys can explain clauses containing complicated legalese in plain English so you know what you’re signing.

Have I Negotiated the Lease?

Property owners are generally draw up Leases. Therefore Leases are designed to protect leasors and their interests. However, the Lease is not written in stone. You can work with your Attorneys to negotiate a Lease that protects your interests as well.

Does the Lease Meet My Current and Future Needs?

Carefully consider your

  • business structure;
  • future plans; and
  • the current reality of your business.
Berks County Business Lease Attorney Larry Miller, Jr.

I’ll make sure the provisions of your lease treat you fairly.

Make sure your business Lease is in alignment with these needs. Here are examples of things to consider.

  • If you expect significant growth in the next six months, will the property you’re leasing accommodate that growth?
  • Can you currently afford your Lease?
  • Will you be able to afford it if your business takes an unexpected downturn?
  • Do you have the right business structure for this type of Lease?

Our Business Attorneys can help you with these questions as well as with others pertinent to your business.

What Is My Exit Strategy?

You should know how to get out of your Lease if you need to. For exaample:

  • Look over clauses that would allow you to sublet or assign the Lease to someone else,
  • or get out of the Lease if a major tenant leaves the property or if you run into other problems.

What Are My Responsibilities Under This Lease?

Carefully consider the liabilities and responsibilities you have under the Lease.Examples include:

  • If someone slips and falls in your offices or on the property, who will be liable?
  • If there are structural problems or repairs necessary, will the landlord take care of them?
  • Is he obligated under the terms of the Lease to fix the problem within a designated period of time? Keep in mind any problems that can affect not only your Lease agreement but also your business.

You need to make sure the Lease terms clearly state everyone’s obligations.

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