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Written By: Brandy Miller | November 29, 2016 | No Comments

Founder: Larry W. Miller, Jr.

Founded: 2001

Location: 25 Stevens Ave., West Lawn, P.A. 19609

Company provides: Legal services, including business law, patents and trademarks, family law and estate planning.

Number of employees: 5

Mission: We treat every client as our most important client.

How Company Started: The Miller Law Group was started by Larry W. Miller Jr. at the business’s current location in West Lawn. The reason for starting the business was his innate passion for defending clients who really need his help. Choosing clients for the right reason and defending the right causes, is what really moved the business forward. Key to the company’s success: First and foremost is helping people, not deciding to choose to defend a client based on potential billable hours. Doing work for the right reasons really becomes transparent, as we’ve seen the business grow though Miller’s reputation in Berks County as a problem solver.

Phone: 610-670-9000


“After 15 years in this business, I’m more passionate than ever about helping my clients. For me, it’s always been about defending the right cause and for the right reasons. As our new business tagline states, we’re in business to be ‘Giving people a voice. Always.”
— Larry W. Miller Jr.

Happy 15th anniversary, The Miller Law Group