Criminal Charges Are Terrifying and Rightfully So

As you already know, being charged with a criminal offense is terrifying. Whether you know you’re innocent or you need help reducing charges, it’s important to consult with our Criminal Law Attorneys as soon as possible. Make no mistake: Your future is on the line. Here’s why.

Guilty verdicts affect your

  • reputation;
  • family relationships;
  • future income and career prospects; and
  • most importantly, your freedom.

Our Criminal Law Attorneys Can Help You No Matter What Happened

Our expert Criminal Law Attorneys will…

  • help file a defense;
  • start an investigation to find evidence of your innocence; and
  • work to protect you in other ways only experienced Criminal Law Attorneys can.

Again, contact us immediately. No matter what has happened, there are steps we can take to help you.

Don’t allow…

  • criminal charges to take away freedom and other important assets;
  •  a mistake to ruin your life; or
  • lastly, don’t allow the court to make an example of you .

What to Do If You’re Charged With a Criminal Offense

If you are charged with a criminal offense, or police want to question you, Contact Us immediately. You have the right to have an attorney present. We have experience in Pennsylvania Criminal Law you desperately need to protect you. Here’s why.

The main interest of the police is solving the case… not protecting your rights. You need us there by your side as police try to develop their case and gather evidence.


  • remind you of your right to stay silent and ensure you don’t say anything that can be used against you; and
  • just as importantly, make sure investigations into your case are lawful and correct.

You Won’t Find Better Criminal Law Attorneys in Berks County to Protect You

We have…

  • 40 years’ experience helping people in Berks County communities around Reading defend themselves against criminal charges;
  • a reputation in Berks County for being a family and people-oriented law firm; and
  • very importantly, understand that good people make terrible mistakes.

You won’t find Criminal Law Attorneys in Reading, Berks County or anywhere in Pennsylvania who’ll work harder to defend you.


  • stand by your side during questioning and throughout the court case;
  • provide emotional support as we work to preserve your future and freedoms;
  • question illegally obtained and weak evidence;
  • work to reduce the charges against you; and
  • lastly, come up with a plea agreement or file evidence showing your innocence (depending on your circumstances); and

The legal help you so desperately need is a phone call away. Contact Us Online or call us at 610-670-9000 today. The sooner you contact us the better. We can help you.