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The PA Waiting Period for Filing a New Bankruptcy Depends on the Type of New and Previous Bankruptcy

Waiting Period to File a New Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you have previously filed a…

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and have received a discharge, you’ll be able to file a new Chapter 7 Bankruptcy eight years after the first filing; and
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you’ll need to wait six years from the date of filing to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Waiting Period to File a New Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you previously filed a…

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you have to wait four years to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy; and
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you have to wait two years to file a new Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Consequences of Multiple Successive Bankruptcies

Multiple successive bankruptcies…

  • will…
    • impact your credit;
    • trigger red flags for creditors and lenders;
  • filed within a ten-year or smaller span…
    • impairs your ability to rebuild your credit; and
    • causes Bankruptcy judges and courts to be less lenient with discharges and/or repayment plans.

It’s Even More Important to Consult With Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Before Filing for a Second Bankruptcy

Pennsylvania does not require you hire a Bankruptcy Attorney. But it’s always advisable to have our proven, expert Bankruptcy Attorneys guide you through your Bankruptcy. That’s because they make sure your documents and schedules are complete and accurate.

In the case of a successive and multiple Bankruptcies it’s important to have the advice of our Bankruptcy Attorneys how to present your case. There are certainly good reasons why a second Bankruptcy occurs. But you want to present those facts accurately so the Bankruptcy court treats you more leniently than might otherwise be the case.

You Won’t Find Better Bankruptcy Attorneys in Reading or Berks County to Present Your Case

We have…

  • 40 years’ experience in PA Bankruptcy Law;
  • helped hundreds of people File for Bankruptcy in Berks County communities around Reading, PA;
  • knowledge of exactly what the court is looking for and expects in you filing documentation and schedules;
  • have a wide breadth of Bankruptcy related legal expertise including Business Dissolution, Business Contracts, Business Taxes; Spousal Support and Alimony, Child Support and Estate Planning; and
  • very importantly, a reputation in Berks County for being the most supportive law firm to give you assurance everything will be OK.

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