Written By: Brandy Miller | February 16, 2017 | No Comments

Branding simply refers to the marketing and business strategies used to create an identifiable and unique image or perception of a product or business in a customer’s mind. Large companies spend millions of dollars — and sometimes more — creating the recognizable brands and company images we’re all familiar with.

However, branding is not just for large corporations. For small businesses, branding is essential because it:

  1. Makes you stand out from the competition
    No matter what your industry, being able to compete with others in your field is important. In many cases, you may be selling comparable products or services. Branding is what makes you stand out and what can ensure customer interest.
  2. Makes it easier for customers to remember you.
    Customers today have more choices than ever before, and branding ensures they remember you — which can mean they’re more likely to return to you or to do business with you in the first place.
  3. Allows you to create a cohesive and coherent marketing strategy.
    By building your marketing efforts around a cohesive brand, you can make your marketing efforts more congruent, and therefore, more effective. On a limited budget, using a solid branding strategy means your marketing works together. Your social media marketing, print advertising and other efforts all complement each other because they use the same brand markers.
  4. Connects you with customers.
    Branding isn’t just about the basics of your offering, but rather about how your product or company emotionally impacts your customers. Customers may feel more connected with a brand that has similar values as they do. If your brand “speaks” to customers, customers will want to work with you.
  5. Promotes employee loyalty and satisfaction.
    A strong brand can make your employees feel proud of working with your company and can help them remain loyal, especially if they strongly identify with what your brand stands for. For small businesses, reducing high turnover is especially important, and a strong brand can help with that.
  6. Makes good decision-making easier.
    In a small business, there may be fewer decision-makers, and it can be all too easy to attempt multiple projects, new launches and new ideas. With a strong brand, it can be easier to gain the clarity needed to make the right decisions for your company’s future. If you have a strong brand, you can evaluate every new idea against whether it would promote your brand image or work against it. By acting only on those options congruent with your brand, you can more effectively grow your company.

Building a brand starts with forming the right business structure and with securing trademarks and intellectual property. If you need a business attorney to help you navigate the process of opening and expanding your business and building a strong brand, contact Miller Law Group for a consultation with one of our business attorneys. Our legal team serves business clients in Berks County and Reading, PA. We work with companies in all sectors and industries, including small businesses and some of the largest corporations in the region.