A grandparent’s role in their grandchild’s life is very important, especially when parents are working through a divorce. At the Miller Law Group, we are committed to preserving these essential relationships, all while making the child’s best interests our highest priority. Our family law attorneys can support grandparents in the following areas:

  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Child custody
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Cases involving child abuse or neglect by parent
  • Cases involving alcohol or drug abuse
  • Child abandonment by parent

Grandparent Rights in Reading, PA and Other Parts of Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, grandparents may have rights to two types of custody: partial physical custody and supervised physical custody. Grandparents may apply for supervised physical custody — also known as visitation — if the parent of the child has passed away, or the biological parents of the child are divorcing or about to divorce.

If granted, supervised physical custody allows grandparents to see and spend time with their grandchild. When deciding supervised physical custody, courts will usually look at the best interests of the child and also the type of relationship the grandparents had before the request was made.

In some cases, grandparents may also apply for physical custody of a grandchild. This usually happens if the child is a dependent, is at risk due to physical abuse or other situation, or has lived with the grandparents for 12 months or more consecutively. If a parent has abandoned his or her child or passed away, grandparents may also be able to apply for custody.

When deciding physical custody, courts look at the best interests of the child and whether the custody agreement will interfere with the parent-child relationship. They will also consider the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as the ability of the grandparents to care for the child.

Great-grandparents have the same rights as grandparents in Pennsylvania.

Why Hire a Grandparent Rights Attorney in Berks County or Your Community?

If you are a grandparent concerned about the well-being and welfare of your grandchild, simply knowing that Pennsylvania law may give you access to visitation or custody is not enough. You need to apply and argue for your ability to care for the child.

Unfortunately, situations in which grandparents’ rights are invoked are often very difficult. A parent may have died, be ill or otherwise unable to care for the child. Other family members may step forward trying to take care of the child, and there may be disagreement within the family about who is best qualified to care for the minor.

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Offering Years of Family Law and Grandparents Rights Experience

As a grandparent, you want only the best for your family, and we feel the same way. That’s why we represent both grandparents and parents to determine a custody and visitation plan that is best for the child. If you are put in a difficult position at the outset of a divorce or are faced with some form of child abuse, we can help.

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