When coping with a divorce or separation, there are various areas that need consideration. Chief among these are the best interests of your children. At the Miller Law Group, we understand how difficult and sometimes terrifying a child custody dispute can be for everyone involved. As the situation and your needs change, our mission stays the same work toward the resolution that is best for the children. Our attorneys will work with you to resolve two primary child custody issues:

  • Physical custody – Physical custody allows a parent to have the child live with him or her. A parent can be granted sole custody, shared custody, partial custody, or primary custody.
  • Legal custody – Legal custody allows a parent to make decisions about the child’s upbringing, including education, health, religious, and other important issues. Legal custody is often granted as shared custody.

Issues With Child Custody

During a divorce, a couple will sometimes disagree strongly about which partner will take physical and legal custody of a child. When custody is shared, determining a schedule and the amount of custody each parent will enjoy can also be a contentious issue. Even if both parents want what is best for their children, the definition of “best” can vary widely. Unfortunately, these types of disagreements can cause arguments and a hostile environment that eventually hurts the children involved even more.

In addition, custody is often tied up with issues concerning child support. The parent awarded custody may need or want additional child support to meet the needs of a child. In dealing with these and other issues, it’s often helpful to discuss the best interests of the children with a child custody attorney in Reading, PA or the surrounding area.

How a Child Custody Attorney in Berks County or Your Community Can Help

If you are considering divorce or are challenged by a child custody issue, a child custody attorney in Reading can act as a resource and form of support. As a third party, a child support attorney in Berks County or your community can be impartial about the best needs of your children and can offer solutions designed to provide them with the best quality of life and the best support possible. An attorney can also protect your rights.

If your partner wants to deprive you of your custodial rights because of ill will created by the end of your relationship, a child support attorney in Reading or your area can work to ensure these types of concerns don’t end up costing your child a relationship with you. Child custody issues can be stressful and challenging. A child support attorney in Reading or your city can stand by you and your child to give you the best chance possible at a good relationship now and in the future.

Why Choose the Miller Law Group?

Our firm stands out for one simple reason: we aren’t your typical law firm. Whereas other firms focus on profiting from every minor detail and talking down to their clients, our focus is your needs and your well-being. Our team doesn’t get caught up on the bottom line because as your lawyers, we are your allies.

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