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Child Custody is the most important consideration in coping with divorce or separation. Our Family Law Attorneys have 40 years’ experience handling Child Custody disputes in Reading, Pennsylvania and in Berks County communities near Reading, PA. We fully understand how difficult and terrifying Child Custody matters can be for both spouses and the children. We understand that regardless of the circumstances of a divorce or separation, everyone’s goal is the best interest of the children. Our mission is therefor to work toward a resolution that is best for the children.

There are two categories of Child Custody:

  • Physical Custody – Physical custody allows a parent to have the child live with him or her. A parent can be granted:
    • sole custody;
    • shared custody;
    • partial custody; or
    • primary custody.
  • Legal Custody – Legal custody allows a parent to make decisions about the child’s upbringing including:
    • education;
    • health;
    • religion; and
    • other important issues.

    Legal Custody is often granted as shared custody.

Child Custody Issues

  • Disagreement about which partner will take physical and legal custody of a child.
  • When custody is shared, determining a schedule and the amount of custody each parent will enjoy can also be a contentious issue.
  • Even if both parents want what is best for their children, the definition of “best” can vary widely.
  • Child Custody is tied to Child Support disputes because the parent awarded custody may need or want additional child support to meet the needs of a child.

These disagreements can cause arguments and a hostile environment that eventually hurts the children involved even more.

In dealing with these and other issues, it’s often helpful to discuss the best interests of the children with a child custody attorney in Reading, PA or the surrounding area.

Berks County Child Custody Attorney Larry W. Miller, Jr.

You won’t find a better Child Custody Lawyer near Reading, PA or in Berks County. Larry is a Family Law expert who will provide the legal help you’ve been searching for and the respect and emotional support your deserve.

You Need an Experienced Local Child Custody Lawyer to Resolve Issues

A proven, experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Berks County is a necessity. Here’s why…

  • PA Child Support Law and Guidelines are subjective. Interpretation and application of the law can vary between counties in PA. Guidelines are often interpreted differently between judges within the same county. But an experienced local Child Support Attorney knows what is and is not acceptable to a broad cross-section of judges.
  • An experience Child Support Lawyer will give emotional support and guidance to maintain your goal of doing what’s best for the children. It’s often too easy to let anger and hurt cloud our thinking. An impartial third party will help to keep things on track.
  • A proven Child Support Attorney will protect your rights when a hostile partner tries to prevent from spending time with your children.

You already know that nothing is more important than your relationship with your children. Don’t entrust something so precious to a discount child support lawyer or one size fits all Internet solution. It’s just too important to get this right.

Why Choose the Miller Law Group?

Berks County Child Custody Lawyer Ali M. Audi

Ali M. Audi is a top rated Berks County Child Custody Lawyer near Reading, PA.  Ali has the experience and expertise you need to protect your rights to be with your children.

Miller Law Groups has a reputation for being the most people and family-oriented Child Custody Lawyers in Reading and Berks County. We represent our clients the same as we would members of our family. We…

  • take the time to listen so we understand your family’s situation in detail;
  • ask the right questions based on our broad experience in PA Child Custody Law in Reading and Berks County;
  • explain Child Custody issues using plain English so you understand what’s going on and what comes next; and
  • do everything possible that you leave feeling confident and reassured, you know you have someone truly on your side, and that everything will be alright.

To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our child custody attorneys, please contact us today.

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