We understand that the topic of planning for your passing is uncomfortable and often avoided. That’s why we are going to walk you through a few simple preliminary steps to ease your concerns and the burden on your loved ones.

Practical Benefits of Pre-Planning Death Provisions

It will undoubtedly be emotional for your loved ones when you are no longer with them. Lift some of that mental weight. Pre-select a cemetery property, a casket, and a headstone. Pre-arrange your burial now rather than have your family make all of the necessary plans while they are coping.

Lock in early on any potential financial burdens by pre-selecting your arrangements. How? By finding a cemetery willing to offer pre-need discounts.

Most cemeteries offer incentives and agreeable payment plans for families choosing to pre-plan.Local contacts include Pleasant View Cemetery of Sinking Spring, Mt. Zion of Pottstown, Morris Cemetery of Phoenixville, Woodlawn Memorial of Allentown, Bethlehem Memorial of Bethlehem, Prospect Cemetery of East Stroudsburg and Laurelwood Cemetery of Stroudsburg.

When you and your family choose to pre-plan, you could receive discounts on burial property, mausoleum crypts, headstones and other cemetery packages. Everyone qualifies for a comfortable payment plan to fit their budget. The cemetery will also reward pre-planners for their smart decisions by offering time payment plans to all families. No pre-credit applications. This will liberate funds in your estate to be allocated to more desirable ends-grandchildren, charities of interest, etc.


With a trust, you will be able set aside monies to be allocated for your local cemetery and/or funeral director. This particular trust is to be partitioned towards your final arrangements. Our attorneys can help you personalize trust funds and work with a funeral director or cemetery of your choice to coordinate these plans for you.

Protecting Life Insurance Benefits

Millions of dollars per year are being squandered due to failure to make beneficiaries aware of life insurance policies. The simplest way to protect against policy’s benefits unclaimed by unaware beneficiaries is to create a will.

Without question, be sure to list the insurance policies and its beneficiaries. This way, your estate administrator will be informed of the policies and will ensure its beneficiaries are satisfied even if you, the policy holder, cannot or do not get around to verbally informing your beneficiaries of the policies.

Inheritance tax and other details

Families in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must file an inheritance tax return when they die. Typically, the Estate Administrator hires an attorney to file this return. You have 9 months from the date of death to do so. The administrator cannot delay in completing this return. Your estate risks fines if the return is not filed in time. Another tip: just as most cemeteries and funeral homes reward the proactive planners, the IRS gives a tax break to those who file their returns within 3 months. So, it is to your loved ones benefit to complete this process relatively soon after death.

Social security benefits

If you worked and paid into social security during your life time, benefits may be owed to you. Your surviving spouse may request a lump sum payment of those benefits from the United States Social Security Administration.

Pre-Plan Death Provisions Summary

These are just some of the basic questions and answers topics we, as lawyers, are confronted with when settling loved one’s estates. Contact your local funeral homes and cemeteries to see what specific programs that can benefit you and your family in your local area.

Contact the Miller Law Group if you have any more specific questions.