Business taxes provide federal and state governments with the revenue necessary to keep the country running. While most of us accept the importance of taxation, paying more taxes than you need to can be financially damaging — especially when it’s your business paying the taxes.

A heavy tax burden can cut into your company’s profits and increase overhead, making you less competitive. A business tax planning attorney in Berks County or your area can help you get a handle on your company taxes and help you develop a tax plan to make the process easier.

Need a Business Tax Planning Attorney in Reading, PA or Your Community?

You can work with a business tax planning attorney in Reading, PA, or your community at any time, but many businesses find legal advice most useful during specific times of their business timeline, such as:

1) During Formation

The most important planning stage occurs when a business is first forming. An attorney can help you decide which business structure is most advantageous from a tax perspective and assist you in forming a plan to minimize your tax burden. A lawyer can guide you through estate planning early on. A business succession planning attorney in Berks County or your area can help you come up with a plan in the event heirs inherit your business.

2) During Growth

Companies inevitably evolve over time, and periods of intense growth usually mean new legal and tax issues to consider. For instance, if you start offering services or products outside of the state or country, you may need to become familiar with a whole new set of tax laws.

If you open a new branch in a new international location, it may affect your taxes domestically. As your business grows, you may enter new tax brackets, each bringing their unique concerns. A tax planning attorney can ensure your tax plan continues to work given your current business reality.

3) When Tax Issues Arise

Whether you have been audited or face penalties or allegations of non-compliance, an attorney can help you sort out tax issues and help you create a plan to avoid tax problems in the future.

4) When Your Involvement in a Business Ends

When you dissolve a business, you need to file tax forms and pay any remaining tax obligations before you close your doors. Eventually, you may want to leave your business to your partners or heirs, and a business succession planning attorney in Reading, PA or your community, can help you plan for this, too.

Whether you need a business succession planning attorney in Reading, PA, or a tax planning lawyer in another Pennsylvania community, contact Miller Law Group for a confidential consultation. Our attorneys understand the pressures of dealing with the IRS while trying to run a successful business, and we take your concerns seriously.

In fact, we treat our business clients’ concerns with the same care and devotion we pour into our own law firm. If you’d like professional and caring legal support for your business tax issues, contact the Business Attorneys at The Miller Law Group for a consultation to discuss ways to reduce your tax risk and maximize your company’s chances for success.