Starting a business from the ground up can be a truly gratifying experience. Seeing an idea come to fruition and change people’s lives is what every business owner dreams of, but many rarely consider all the required legal planning. In order to avoid negative legal consequences, it’s important to know your options, understand the structure that best fits your long-term goals, and protect your investment from future litigation. Fortunately, the attorneys at Miller Law Group have over 40 years’ experience helping new businesses deal with a variety of issues, including:

  • Business formation and family business incorporation, including limited liability corporations (LLC), professional corporations (PC), Professional associations (PA), limited liability partnerships (LLP), and Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC)
  • Small business startups
  • Fictitious name registration
  • Corporate and business planning
  • Tax considerations and implications
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, and review
  • Collections
  • Preparing non-compete, non-disclosure, buy-sell, and partnership agreements
  • Real estate matters
  • Insurance issues
  • Business litigation
  • Intellectual property matters, including patents and trademarks

Why You Need a Business Formation Attorney in Berks County

Starting and running a small business is more popular today than ever before, but if you’re considering becoming your own boss, you need a business formation attorney in Reading, PA or your area. New businesses can run afoul of federal, state and local laws, and there are often many complex employment, real estate and licensing matters to consider. Not getting the right insurance or creating the right structure for your business can hurt growth opportunities or even make your new organization vulnerable to litigation and penalties.

A business formation attorney in Reading, PA, or your city can do many things for your new business, including:

  • Advise you about legal issues common in your type of business or industry
  • Help you create a plan to avoid legal issues later on
  • Advise you about fundraising and the legal issues affecting fundraising
  • Review the legal and business structures best for your business
  • Help you create or review contracts for leases, employees or other needs
  • Answer the questions you may have about legal issues surrounding your business
  • Point out legal issues you may not have considered but that can affect the future of your business
  • Devise a plan for handling legal issues as your business grows

Use a Business Startup Attorney in Berks County or Reading, PA

Small businesses need a business startup attorney in Berks County or Reading, PA as much as larger organizations do — and sometimes even more so. Because you are starting a small business, you are vulnerable to business litigation and other legal risks. While larger corporations may be run by teams with some legal knowledge, smaller businesses are often headed by bright entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of their business area, but often little legal training.

A business startup attorney in Reading, PA, closes the gap. He or she can provide the legal expertise so you can focus on getting your company up and running.

Are you on the right legal path for your small business? Contact the Business Attorneys of The Miller Law Group to get started. We can offer a confidential consultation so you can create a proactive legal plan to get your new business started on the strongest possible footing for success.