Written By: Brandy Miller | September 15, 2017 | No Comments

Employee handbooks tell employees what they can expect, what their responsibilities are and gives them one standardized place to turn to when they have questions about their employment and position. Although creating an employee handbook or manual is a time-intensive process, there are several advantages to having this document in place at your company:

  1. It Helps With Training.

When you have a new hire, it can be very useful to have a handbook they can review as part of the training process. You can reduce training and improve retention by ensuring employees have a manual that explains their duties as well as the company mission, purpose and other details of your business.

  1. It Helps to Define Your Business and Employee Responsibilities.

The very process of creating and reviewing an employee manual helps to define your company. You will look at things such as goals, mission statements, purpose and the type of company culture you wish to build. Creating an employee manual also reinforces for everyone what is expected of them and what they can expect from management and the company itself.

  1. It Reduces Pressure on Managers, HR and Other Departments.

With a manual, employees can simply turn to their handbooks to get answers to common questions about unemployment, benefits and other issues.

  1. It Can Protect You Legally.

A well-written employee manual can help protect you legally in case one of your employees does something to break the rules. It can help you win a wrongful termination lawsuit, unemployment lawsuit or other legal claims. If you can show that the employee handbook clearly outlines rules which were broken, you may be able to bolster your position in the courtroom.

  1. They Can Ensure Consistency at Your Company.

A well-written employee handbook can help ensure all your employees are treated the same and departments work together seamlessly. By defining responsibilities and what should be done in various situations, you can ensure certain issues are always treated the same, creating a standardized approach.

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